Terms and Conditions

Use of vehicle and car return

The hirer receives the vehicle and accesories overleaf in perfect conditions and working order and promise to keep them and drive the vehicle complying with all the rules and regulations of the trafic code.

The insurance does not cover tha following cases:

  1. Fines, loss or damage of keys, wrong refueling.
  2. Damages to the rims, tyres and underside of the car.
  3. To transport people or merchandise in comercial cause.
  4. The vehicle be driven by unauthorized persons.
  5. To drive the vehicle in inerior physical conditions caused by drugs, alkohol or medicine.
  6. To drive the vehicle in forest traks or beaches or non asphalted areas.
  7. To transport more people or weight than stated in the tecnical card.
  8. To manipulate the speedmeter, or use the car for any sort of competition, to push or tow away any other vehicle or to teach to drive.
  9. Vehicles cannot travel out of Tenerif.

The non fulfilment of any above cases will mean the automatic loss of insurance cover, crash or personal insurance. This company has the option to take possesion of the vehicle without any further notice, keeping this company the payments received or deposits. The has to be returned at the place and the time, date and hour, specified in the contract. The company leaves a 1/2 hour curtesy to the customer. After that time there will be a charge of one extra day.

Payment of carhire and risk coverage

The hirer accepts the payments of the amount in the contract in advance. Could be asked for a deposit on cashpaying. Fines of driving and expenses of tow trucks caused by improper parking will be charged on the client. Risk: The insurance taken out by this company, covers the hirer or authorized driver, against unlimited civil responsability, as well as bails and court expenses. The payment of the supplement for crash cover, will exept the hirer from the payment of expenses caused to the hired vehicle, except no fulfilment of clauses in this contract mencioned. In the personal insurance are included driver and passengers. If there is a breakdown or an accident or any other reason which isn`t covered by the insurance the hirer or client can`t claim any indemnisation from this company. It is strictly excluded the cover for loss or damage or theft caused to goods transported in the hired car. The tyres, windows, aacesories, triangles, reflectionjackets, radio, tools, sparwheel, carkeys and car documents or partial theft are also not included in the insurance cover. Damages inside the car during the vehicle was rented (taking over from customer and taking back passesion this company) are charge to the customer with fully cost and repair.

Behave in case of accident and breakdown

If it was due to a breakdown, or the accident to mechanical faults, this company refrains from any responsability that may be caused and the hirer will not be able to claim any indemnisation. All damages caused to the vehicle due to crash or any other reason and that are not covered by the insurance as per clause for. It is strictly excluded the cover for loss, theft or damage caused to goods transported in the hired vehicle. The tyres, windows or partial thefts are not included in the insurance cover. In the case of an accident, the hirer is obleiged to: a) not to move the vehicle from the place of the accident until ha authorities appear and a sworn statement is made. b) to report the accident inmediately to this company. c) not to come to any agreements with regards the accident with the other party envolved. d) not to leave the vehicle that has suffered the accident not having taken the neccesary security means so as to avold any further loss or damage. e) to obtain from the other party involved in the accident all details regarding driver, owner, vehicle and insurance company. Even though the car is insured against all risk, this insurance will not be valid for the reasons previously mentiones. In case of an accident and if it is the hirer`s fault, the hirer will pay this company the amount of 12 euros per day during the days the vehicle is being repaired.

Negligent driving and Jurisdiction

The client that drives vehicles owned by this company under the influence of drugs, nacotics, alcohol, or that in any other way his faculties were disturbed, the client will asume the full responsability suffered by the vehicle, as well as the damage cause to other vehicles, persons, things, animals and others. The driver of the vehicle in the conditions previously mentioned will also be responsible for the passengers and objects transportedas wel as the fines tha are caused. The hirer will have no right to have the vehicle changed, in case the vehicle is useless due to an accidents, and will not be refunded any amount for previous reasons. For all matters that can be derived from the fulfilment of this contract, both parties submit themselves to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals competents for there homeadress or those of the Province of Sant Cruz de Tenerife. It is expressely forbidden to take out of the island where this contract is made the vehicle hired, unless the hirer has got permission from this company. In case of non fulfilment of the previous clause the contract will be automatically terminatd, this company being able to take the hirer to Court.